The BioFET-SIM Help Page


  1. Select semiconductor or define custom material
  2. Adjust carrier concentration or screening length (values are calculated when typing)
  3. Transfer obtained values to interface

Example material properties

Material m* ε1 Ref.
Silicon n-type 0.98 12.0 (1)
Silicon p-type 0.54 12.0 (1)
Indium oxide intrinsic n-type 0.35 9.0 (2)
Indium Arsenide in inversion layer n-type 0.026 20.0 (1)

Semiconductor characteristics

Effective charge carrier mass m*:
Semiconductor permittivity ε1:
Thomas-Fermi length[nm]
Charge carrier density[m-3]

(1) Yacobi, B. G. Semiconductors Materials An Introduction to Basic Principles; Microdevices; Kluver Academic Publisher, New York, 2003; p 54
(2) Kostlin, H.; Jost, R.; Lems, W. Phys. Status Solidi A 1975, 29, 87-93